Oltre la superficie - Paola Cenci Original Art

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Oltre la superficie

Title: Oltre la superficie/Beyond the surface
Dimensions:  85x70
Technique: this painting is multi-layered.
The highest outer is unpainted wood, shaped to define the woman's surroundings.
The second darker layer is a panel which includes her hair, the shadows on her body and blends into the background.
It is not painted but coated with brown lycra fabric inset into this layer, the  silver highlights her body. it is made from carefully carved and painted wood.
Not being a traditional two dimensional painting yet looking like one from a distance, the layers represent complexity which isn't obvious.
It's layered and may be much more interesting than at first sight. the woman is reclining and pensive in a private moment.
Her thoughts run deep beneath her fa├žade, her nakedness, which in real life is presumably not seen by everyone still does not reveal her many facets or all of her complexity. it is there to be discovered but only by someone who is perceptive enough.

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